Trouble Multi-Tasking?

Trouble Multi-Tasking?

This is sooo me!! 🙂
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Do you have trouble multi-tasking? Research suggests very few of us are good at juggling two tasks at once. The word multi-tasking was honed in 1965 when IBM created the computer. But women have been doing it for years, cooking dinner while we chat on the phone and solve the world’s problems. Or while we’re read a book to our preschool children, we’re breastfeeding a baby! 🙂

Today, I multi-tasked when I walked my dog on the greenway. I was searching for a message on anxiety on my iphone. No sooner did I look up to take my next step on the sidewalk, I caught a glance of a baby copperhead frozen in fear with the intention of crossing the sidewalk. Thankfully, neither my dog nor I were bitten. (Baby snakes are more venomous!) Needless to say, my need to listen to a message on anxiety heightened immensely!

The first-hand experience made me think of how life has seemed this week. Being absorbed with the amount of disappointing news about:

  • The child sex-abuse of the Roman Catholic Priests
  • Trump, Trump, Trump
  • Ohio State’s coach, Urban Meyer issues
  • Statues being pulled down from there pedestal
  • Teachers accused of taking advantage of minors

Having the internet and social media platforms, news travels fast. Reading these stories it hard to know what’s true and what’s not.

From all these situations, did you feel as heavy-hearted as I do? The more I keep up with social media, the more distracted I become to carry on with my responsibilities well. Not to minimize the disappointing discoveries but I am thankful the truth is being brought to light. Yet in the meantime, how do we deal with all the troubling news?

Like on my walk, I encourage you to look up from your iphone to engage with others more, and especially pay attention to your own heart. As a matter of fact, learn to guard your heart. Discern when to take time to live free of devilish distractions. Pay more attention to your emotions and physical anxiety that may be heightened due to all the media coverage. Set boundaries for yourself. It’s okay to take a break from social media for a day or even a weekend to enjoy family and friends. Most likely, you’ll find you’re refreshed from being intentional with your relationships. You just may avoid “stepping on something that “bites back”.

How do you cope with all the news hype and social media? Do you give yourself permission to take a break from it all and refresh yourself?

Sharing your burdens can be a great way to rest. I’m here for you if you need anything or have a prayer requests. In celebrating Labor Day, I’ve been enjoying a verse of invitation to rest from Hebrews 4:11. “Let us, therefore, make every effort, (or labor) to enter (God’s) rest”.


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