More than a Companion – The Peace, Power, Presence of the Holy Spirit * Seeds for Soul 4th

More than a Companion – The Peace, Power, Presence of the Holy Spirit * Seeds for Soul 4th

I’m so thankful for another wonderful Women’s Day Retreat – our 4th Annual Seeds for the Soul at River Oaks Community Church in Clemmons, NC. My friend, Janelle Siebsen and I were asked to speak on the Peace, Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit. That request felt like in insurmountable task, as the Holy Spirit is as vast and deep as the ocean.

BUT GOD… through the leading of the Holy Spirit, so faithfully lead the leadership team, worship leader, and Janelle and I, using all our gifts to create a day that beautifully tied together.

Janelle and I shared two different messages, but yet I stand amazed at how the Holy Spirit weaved our talks together like a beautiful tapestry! That is something only God could have done especially since we had not shared our talks with each other! Both focused on the LOVE of the Holy Spirit! As I taught the Spirit’s presence is more than a companion,  but a Helper, Comforter, an Advocate to the Father and Intercessor, and then He leads us to do and be the same in loving those in our spheres of influence. What hope to have a constant companion with us 24/7, 365 days, for 10, 50, 80 years, for “Hope does not disappoint us because God has poured out HIS LOVE into our hearts by the Holy Spirit” (Romans 5:5).

After each talk the ladies have quiet time to dig in the scripture and respond, reflect, and most importantly, in our busy lives – spend time to hear from God themselves! I’ve stopped saying “I’m busy” since a friend told me BUSY means Bound Under Satan’s Yoke.

God graciously moved in the hearts of many women to allow us to see fruit from our day. We invited women to tell what they had heard from the Holy Spirit with an open mic. Talk about wind under my wings, the ladies’ testimonies were powerful! One lady returned to God after 10 years of drifting away, another forgive deep hurts from a lack of love, and another dealt with abandonment and found healing in receiving God’s love.

Several stories were shared how the Holy Spirit had lead women to pray for and speak to complete strangers in time of need! I thank God that He gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit as more than a companion, and invites us to love, forgive, speak, pray, serve, and do things we’d never do on our own!  


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