Hope that Does Not Disappoint

Hope that Does Not Disappoint

What I love about Easter is the hope we find through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. God demonstrated his own love for us in this that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us so that we could know God. That is the power of the gospel!

Jesus took our sins so we could be in a right relationship with God now and for eternity. Jesus left his Holy Spirit so that we are not alone in this world but can know him and serve him for now and all eternity.

The hope in the resurrection of Jesus Christ should change how we live. We are no longer left abandoned and alone, but have a companion through his Spirit on this earth until Jesus comes again.

Pay attention to God’s love toward you expressed through His Spirit. He is alive and among us and this is where we can find joy – the joy of HIS presence. God is doing a new thing! Pray your eyes are opened to see it, believe it and receive it. May you have a joyous Resurrection day!!

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