Speaking Recommendations

“To whom it may concern, Without hesitation I can recommend Sarah Bush as a leader for women’s retreats and\or seminars. In like manner Sarah’s name was given to me by EPC Director of Women in Ministry, Jacky Gatliff. From my first conversation with Sarah there was an immediate rapport between us. It was as though I had a long shared history with her. What we share is a passionate love for Jesus.

Sarah is a good communicator because she knows her subject well from firsthand experience. If I could use only one word to describe her it would be genuine. Being authentic, her listeners approach her readily and relate to her. She speaks encouragingly as she has learned her material by personally doing what she teaches. She will accommodate your setting as best can. Last but not least Sarah is attractive in her appearance which is enhanced by her inner spirit, “the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

The best recommendation I can give is the women of Montreat EPC want her to return as our retreat speaker.”

Continuing together in God’s grace,

Lynda McCarty
Women’s Ministry, Montreat EPC

“One of the greatest joys in my position as the National Director, EPC Women In ministry, is to discover and meet the many women that God has called and equipped uniquely for ministry. The joy increases further when there is a sense of the immediate connection with women who have a deep passion for God’s kingdom and love for His people. Sarah Bush is such a woman.

In multiple conversations with women of all ages, I am struck repeatedly with their deep longing to know God more intimately and in practical ways. But there is often a sense of being overwhelmed as to where to even begin. Through her book, The Invitation, Sarah provides the opportunity for the reader to simply receive God’s Word and thereby become alert and attentive to His way of transforming us to be like Jesus. The companion prayer guide and journal, Grace for the Journey, gently guides one to interact prayerfully with the written words of the scripture given by the One who is intimately present and easily found by those who seek. It is a rare occurrence when a gifted writer is also an effective communicator. When speaking, not only does Sarah have the richness of the material that she presents, but she does not posture herself as one who has all of the answers down once and for all. Rather, Sarah has a style of communication that says “we’re in this together – come join us.”

I recommend Sarah Bush without reservation as a resource/speaker/leader to /for those who are eager to accept God’s invitation to know Him in new and intimate ways.”

Jacky Gatliff, Director
EPC Women In Ministry

“It was a pleasure to have you at our meeting. You are just a joy to be around. Your story and message were very inspiring and most enjoyable. I could tell from the few minutes we talked what a wonderful Christian woman you are.”

Susan Faircloth, Chair
Dunn Christian Women’s Connection

Your testimony was fresh, exciting, and to the point. I think everyone can relate to “pleasing people.” Everyone was very impressed with you. I can’t wait until we can get you back.”

Carol Fagg
Stone Croft Ministries

“Dear Pastors and Team Ministry Leaders:I am writing to recommend Sarah Bush as a gifted and godly speaker. Sarah’s focus is upon prayer, and she has a unique emphasis on prayer and journaling. She would make an excellent speaker for a women’s event.
Sarah would also be well qualified to speak to a prayer team or to a church hoping to increase its emphasis on prayer.

The Bush family is a vital part of our ministry here at River Oaks. Sarah’s husband, Eric, is an elder and recognized leader. Sarah began our MOMS ministry, which has become one of our most effective ministries for women. Eric and Sarah have three children who are all involved in our youth ministries. I can recommend Sarah as someone who is committed to the authority of Scripture, and who bases her ministry upon the teaching of the Bible. She communicates with grace and humility and relates well to a diverse group of people. As a person of prayer, she conveys a love for prayer and communion with the Lord. If you are in need of a gifted speaker on a topic related to prayer, Sarah would be an excellent choice. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of help in answering any questions about Sarah’s ministry.”

David Beaty, Pastor
River Oaks Community Church

“Thank you, thank you for joining us yesterday. You did a fantastic job sharing your story with us – and how God is with us always in good and bad times – in times of rain followed by the “son” shine of a rainbow. I had so many ladies tell me after the meeting what a good day it had been. They were inspired by your message and your sweet friendliness before the meeting – We were awed by your great “work out” ethic and how you take care of the temple God has given you.”

Kathy Rab, Chair
Stone Croft Marion Christian Women’s Connection

Book Endorsements – The Invitation

“Many of our prayers tend to be offered ‘on the run’. Sarah Bush reminds us that God wants us to sit down and have a conversation. He talks while we listen and we talk while He listens. What could be more important? I strongly urge you to accept The Invitation and to journal your journey.”

Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D., Author of The Five Love Languages, and Love As a Way of Life

“This book has been a labor of love…..and the culmination of a personal journey. For the many years we have known Sarah, we have seen the reality of this journey in her own life: her hunger to know God, deeply, intimately; and her passion for prayer and journaling. And the result is this scholarly yet personal account as her own story is interwoven in God’s greater Story. And what a beautiful blending of the two! As Sarah reminds us again and again through the Scriptures of the unfailing love of God, we are given an Invitation, so personally and so powerfully, to come into his presence and enjoy Life and intimacy with him.”

John and Linda Willett, NC Area Director
Search Ministries, former Grace Brethren and Westover Church pastor, lecturer with Family Life Marriage Conferences (Campus Crusade for Christ)

“The Invitation presents with clarity and understanding the benefits received by those who answer God’s invitation to come into his Living Presence through prayer and to record scripture and insights spoken to the heart.
Sarah provides daily journal examples of her truthful responses to scripture with such transparency. She provides a powerful motivation to her readers as she reveals the pathway to intimacy with God.”

Phyllis Stern, Regional Speaker Trainer
Stonecroft Ministries Cary, N.C.

Book Endorsements — Grace for the Journey

“At last, a practical, daily help that inspires, challenges, invites, and demonstrates how to enter God’s presence though his Word. It works!”

Dr. Richard H. & Shirilee Little, Retired Presbyterian pastor
Seventeenth Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Author and Lecturer

“The Invitation provides some very refreshing points of view, good analogies, contemplative questions, and good spiritual challenges that will truly assist the believer in making a significant contribution to their Christian growth and walk.”

Sharon Johnson, Editor

“If intimacy with God is the desire of your heart, Sarah provides a lovely tool to encourage and facilitate as you come into his presence.

John and Linda Willett, NC Area Director with Search Ministries, former Grace Brethren and Westover Church pastor, lecturer with Family Life Marriage Conferences (Campus Crusade for Christ)

For those yearning to know God, Grace for the Journey provides a simple, systematic formula to record daily reactions and insights to scripture. Sarah’s book will be an enormous help in providing “how to’s” as well as incentives to move forward in an ongoing adventure of faith.”

Phyllis Stern, Regional Speaker Trainer
Stonecroft Ministries, Cary, NC

“God told Isaiah that his Word will not return to him without accomplishment. Let it do that through prayer and journaling guided by Grace for the Journey.” (Isa. 55:11)

Dr. Richard H. & Shirilee Little, Retired Presbyterian pastor
Seventeenth Moderator of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Author and Lecturer

“Grace for the Journey will help you apply the profound truths you discover in Sarah Bush’s book, The Invitation. I highly recommend it as a practical map for your journey to a more fruitful life of prayer.”

Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D., Author of The Five Love Languages, and Love As a Way of Life

“You are an inspiration, Sarah. Your book was like a polishing cloth to silver – it cleans and makes it shine. Your words purified me to see the Lord shine and enjoy him more.”

Amy Maxwell, Proofreader