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Breathe and Believe Are you busy and “out of breath” these days? Longing for more, but don’t have much time? Order Sarah’s NEW RELEASE for a refreshing deep breath of truth in your busy life!

“Breathe and Believe – Breathe of Heaven: Hold Me Together” is a daily devotional to release your faith in understanding the role of the Holy Spirit in worship. Worship is of primary importance because the worship of God is why we are here. We can only worship God in truth with the Spirit.

These devotions are written more in essence of worship. How we worship (whether being still while reading, in prayer, or while engaging everyday life) can point to devotion as a lifestyle of love and submission; reverence and adoration ); lifting of hands to God in trust and thanksgiving; and agreement and confession of God’s Word.

Devotion includes: 52 short devotions with a reflective prayer, application question and journal space. Devotion is 5 x 7, spiral bound for ease of writing. Extra depth is provided in the appendix for deeper study on the Hebrew and Greek words for worship.

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The Invitation

You are invited! An honorable King is patiently waiting for your response to a long-standing invitation to His throne. The King requests your presence. Now is the time to worship. “Come!”

The Invitation from God’s heart is to come receive His love—His intentional desire when He first, purposely created man to dwell with Him. Designed for communion, man was God’s pleasure and was to dwell in paradise with Him forever. After man fell from grace, God made every effort to share His presence: Covenants were made with the forefather’s of faith and a tabernacle was constructed as a sanctuary for man to be able to meet with Him. God ultimately provided His Son, Jesus, who chose human life, died as the sacrificial lamb and lives again to intercede for us—thus reconciling God and man. His Spirit now dwells in the sanctuary of the surrendered human heart where man’s response to the invitation is by faith. Following Jesus, man is designed for a life of prayer.

The discipline of praying God’s word and journaling leads to discovering your purpose and results in your having an abundant life, God’s kingdom being built, and His glory revealed. “Come!” Approach the throne today with confidence in His unfailing love for you and receive the provisions of His grace. “Come!” The benefits you’ll receive are endless: love, forgiveness, peace, rest, intimacy, strength, wisdom, protection, direction, wholeness, identity and salvation.

The Invitation:

  • Prompts the prayer warrior to apply the armor of God and engage in the spiritual battle
  • Boosts belief in the purpose, power, and benefits of praying God’s Word
  • Stimulates a desire to have an increased prayer life with complementary journaling
  • Refreshes the disciple to: praise, give thanks, search, confess, empty, listen, wait, and obey
  • Impresses the value of remembering God’s Word and work in our lives by journaling
  • Builds confidence and commitment in our ability to pray and journal daily
  • Offers personal, motivational journal entries and interwoven prayers
  • Shares stories for mental & physical training for the spiritual challenges of prayer
  • Transforms your heart and is life changing—and life rearranging

Soft Cover
ISBN: 1-57921-966-7


Price: $15.00

Grace for the Journey

Grace for the Journey

Do you need a tool for a more disciplined prayer life? Do you have trouble remembering God’s faithfulness?

Grace for the Journey is part of a companion set with The Invitation explaining that man is designed for a life of prayer. By God’s grace He invites us to come boldly and approach His throne. Grace for the Journey provides a sanctuary designed to reconcile man to the heart of God through the vehicles of prayer and journaling. It is designed to be something of practicality placed into the hands of God’s people so that prayer may increase; so that people might come to an eternal perspective of prayer, encounter the living God and remember His faithfulness as they record the reader’s life journey and see answers to prayer.

Grace for the Journey provides:

  • Daily prayer pages with scripture prayers and additional space
  • Weekly prayer pages with scripture prayers and additional space
  • Resourceful prayer guide with scripture examples and journal entry pages
  • Conventional ideas for a beginner, renews prayer life of for the seasoned Christian
  • A guide to maintain focus and variety
  • Equips people with the tools for an increased prayer life
  • Creates consistency and discipline.
  • Discovery of a balance of goals and grace
  • Help finding clarity in decisions
  • Assists to discover your unique purpose
  • Building block to faith

Soft Cover
ISBN: 1-57921-967-5


Price: $15.00

The Invitation Study Guide

Personal Study Guide for The Invitation.


Price: $10.00

The Invitation Leader Study Guide

Leader Study Guide for The Invitation

Next Level Apparel Crew T-shirt

Bended Knee T-shirt

The t-shirts are ring-spun, super silky, soft, lightweight yet durable fabric. 65% polyester/35% cotton, 3.5oz. “Bend a Knee”. Size range XXL, XL, L, M, S.
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