An Orphaned Bunny’s Lessons

An Orphaned Bunny’s Lessons

My 14 year old terrier mutt began yapping furiously! As soon as I let her outside one morning, she sprinted — full circle several times around our fenced backyard. The chase was on! That’s when I noticed a white, bushy tail baby bunny seeking refuge under an overgrown bush.

Evidently orphaned on an adventurous excursion, out of mercy… my daughter and I left carrots, celery, and lettuce outside. How excited we were to find the half-eaten carrot was relocated and the preferred choice!

As I felt such mercy on this orphaned baby bunny being chased by a barking terriorizer…, I did consider “how much more” God has mercy on us… longing to deliver us from an enemy who “barks” lies, attempting to cause us to scamper in fear; God longs for us, no longer be called orphans, but sons and daughters, adopted into his family.

Getting within arm’s reach, I observed closely this grapefruit sized, fluff ball; its nose twitching, and ears turning while it nibbled on my grass. My main concern for the bunny, we named “B-Hop”, was the daily chase by my dog or the swoop of a hawk. After a few high speed chases, I started to avoid letting my dog outside. But I realized every time I allowed the threat of my dog, the baby bunny would grow stronger, more aware of its foes.

The one feature that amazed me was the baby bunny’s long ears! Obviously, God created the bunny’s defense mechanism with acute hearing and speed.

Of course, the life lesson we can apply is the acuteness of our hearing, being ready to discern the threats of the enemy at all times. We have a Father who wants to help us escape the traps. Repeatedly in scripture we read God’s plea, “Listen to me” or “if you would only listen”. (Psalm 81:8)Baby Bunny

The lessons I see from the baby bouncing fur ball… we can be adopted by a caring Father who is full of mercy and compassion. And … listening can save your life! Proverbs 18:15 says, “The ears of the wise seek knowledge.” Knowledge – of the One who offers adoption through belief in His Son and who will give us counsel as we seek Him.

Are we listening to God’s voice in our decisions and choices? God has spoken through his word… so we need to read it to apply it and live by escaping the foe. Until we do, it will be hard to discern whose voice we are listening to.

In everyday relationships, listening can save you from communication breakdown. The enemy has been twisting my conversations with my husband for years! But recently, I’ve become more aware… “he’s not my enemy” there is another that’s not flesh and blood. (Ephesians 6:12) One morning before my husband left for work, I expressed how excited I was to be able to focus on writing, having a few less responsibilities for the day on my to do list. My husband replied with tension in his voice; he heard me say that I was overwhelmed with work. I clarified what I said and we were both back on the “same page”. One prayer I have learned to help with this is to be “quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger…”  (James 1:19).

When there’s tension in a conversation at work, home or challenging decisions, be alert and discerning of the invisible battle and the “barking” foe. Pray continually, so you will know the Master and “…your ears will hear a voice behind you say, ‘This is the way; walk in it. ‘” (Isaiah 30:21)

Lord, thank you for delivering me from an orphaned spirit into a spirit of sonship! May I be alert to the lies of the foe, ready to heed your voice and walk in the way of love. Amen.

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