Meet Sarah

Sarah Bush

Sarah Bush

Christian Author & SpeakerHaving three older brothers and growing up in the South, my mom always wished I’d wear dresses and ribbons in my hair, but I insisted on wearing blue jeans and playing basketball. I was adamant about other desires too, and for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to teach. As a little girl, it started with a few stuffed animals arranged around my room, then “taught school” with some childhood friends. After attending a teacher’s college at Appalachian State University, I ventured into the elementary classroom. And now, God has moved me into an expanding territory – to speak and write for adults. It’s amazing to think where following God can take you – on an adventure that’s for sure.

As a teenager, I made a commitment to the Lord, yet struggled with how to pray. I asked the God to give me the desire to pray, to rise early and spend time with him each day. Years later, I see now that God responded by providing me with a real passion for prayer that has lead me to develop a thirty year habit of journaling what God teaches me and how he reveals his work in my life.

Over the years, I have used various journals and prayer guides, but was never able to locate a prayer guide and journal that worked in harmony. After fifteen years of the Lord burning this desire on my heart, I decided to simply “just do it.” God has lead me to create an inspirational book, The Invitation – Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace,, on the benefits of prayer and journaling, sharing personal experiences along with a structured companion prayer guide and journal for daily use.

After graduating from Appalachian State University with a K-6 degree, I continued on to teach elementary education and served as the Secretary– Treasurer of Youth Ministry, Inc., a small, non-profit foundation established for seminary students. I was an active member of both the middle and high school Moms in Touch International prayer meetings, along with a passion to teach at MOMS – Mothers of Many Seasons, a women’s ministry group. I began my speaking career with Stone Croft Ministries – Christian Women’s Clubs and served on the core team of Knowing God Ministries. My husband, Eric and I, with our three children live in Apex, North Carolina where we are actively involved at Ambassador Presbyterian Church. In my free time, I enjoy “free therapy” over coffee with my girlfriends or going for a long walk, reading in the sun, and boating with my family.

Deep within my heart, I passionately desire to deliver a practical prayer tool into the hands of God’s people to help them commune with God. I enjoy teaching and facilitating others in the disciplines of prayer and journaling including a variety of related topics: listening, discovering your purpose, confidence in prayer and more. I hope to continue my mission with the release of my first companion set, The Invitation and Grace for the Journey.