Coffee Shop Book Talk?!

Coffee Shop Book Talk?!

Hey Everybody! Welcome to my blog! It’s been a whirlwind week full of surprises! After a wonderful celebration of Easter with my parents, I started back to work Monday and Tuesday. I spent time condensing and sharpening my focus in the book. Releasing my disturbance in the thought of needing another thorough edit by someone else, I decided to dig in myself and seek God’s counsel in these last refining days. My goal is to send the manuscript back by April 30th! Throughout the week, my speaking engagements and volunteering gave me a break from the book.

Tuesday night, storms were in the area, but thankfully as the time came for me to travel, the sun started shining. My speaking engagement in High Point gave me the opportunity to visit my old stomping grounds. A sweet group of ladies greeted me warmly. The special feature spoke on identity theft and after dinner, I spoke on our true identity in Christ (that can never be stolen) as I shared my testimony.

After the meeting, a lady shared with me that her son-in-law had been diagnosed with extreme sleep apnea. He stops breathing 95 times a night! The doctors postponed a needed surgery because of his condition. After she shared her story, my heart was moved to pray for her, but at the same moment, I was called into the banquet room to gather my things for the evening. I thought I had missed my opportunity to pray for this special concern, but as I was leaving there she was…  sitting in a chair in the hall. God had given me a second chance. We prayed for her son-in-law and several others joined in. Sharing my story is great, but I really loved praying for the women!

Wednesday, I joined my daughter on an all day field trip to Raleigh to visit the Capitol and Legislative buildings. We also toured the Science and History museums. Once we arrived home and reflected on our day, my daughter asked me what my favorite thing was about our trip. Getting to spend the day with her was wonderful, but many things were great reminders of our state’s heritage. I received the most encouragement from sitting in on the session at the Legislative building. What touched me the most was to see these men and women, who make such influential decisions on our behalf…start with prayer! God bless them and let us remember to pray for them! What wisdom and tenaciousness they need in establishing our laws!

Thursday, I left for another speaking engagement in Shelby. All the way there, well, actually all week, I kept telling myself I should have called my former roommate from college. This was her hometown and I wanted to get in touch with her mother to invite her to the luncheon. The country club hosting our luncheon was at the same location as my roommate’s rehearsal dinner over 20 years ago! Lots of fun and special memories came flooding back.

Once I arrived, the ladies made me feel so welcome! As started greeting some of the ladies…guess who showed up?! What a treat to see one of my closest friend’s mother! There just happened to be an extra seat at the head table for her to join us and we were able to visit over lunch. The special feature consisted of creative art work designs on …as the owner said, “anything that would stay still long enough for her to paint.” She displayed for her store gorgeous pieces of unique dinnerware, serving pieces, lamp shades, etc. My talk went smoothly and several ladies shared that they needed to hear it, “it was just for them.” God is good…and if it was just for them…Praise God!

One of the ladies extended an invitation after the books arrive, to speak at her sister’s coffee shop! I loved the idea of a coffee shop book talk! Sharing my books in an intimate setting, and being able to meet the ladies one on one, really made me excited! Who knows the doors God will continue to open.

My friend’s mother invited me over to her house before I headed home. Again sweet memories and encouragement came from our time together. After being recently widowed, she shared with me about her new knitting ministry at church. Women of all ages were coming together to fellowship as they knit prayer shawls! She sent me home with some yarn and a pattern that is attainable for me to use! (My last sweater I knit I just recently unraveled – it wasn’t wearable!) Out of her giving heart she blessed me with a beautiful teal prayer shawl as well, a “covering” and reminder for me of her prayers – for the one who received the shawl. When my books are released she invited me back to speak with her book club.

In the meantime, God keeps sending me encouragement through many to cheer me on to finish the race! So back to the books today! I keep running back to the truth that keeps me going, “Jesus the son of God is our great High Priest who has gone to heaven itself to help us; therefore let us never stop trusting him” (Heb 9:24). All the way…my Jesus leads me. This week of variety, writing and speaking, filled with connections and surprises has been fun! The idea of a coffee shop book talk, meeting all kinds of new people, gives me hope for a future full of fun while sharing my books/message on prayer…not to mention…I enjoy coffee!